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One of the most successful campaigns in terms of Click-Throughs and conversion. Users relished the content and loved the interaction! Proving the need to instant interaction and the importance of identifying the SuperFans to help promote the start of a campaign.

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Type R Redline

Ignite the Honda Typer R fans on the run to the unveiling of the new car in Geneva, VV applied its ground breaking Advocacy service.


Switch to Witch

Witch is an up and coming brand that wanted to grow their fan base and insight into the user base and advocates. This campaign did just that, rewarding fans with free product for getting their friends to join and watch/share the content. The results were just incredible and the rest is history.

Switch to Witch



The beauty of the platform in its pure automated state. The Hobbit Autograph campaign was launched for the premiere in London for the third and final Hobbit film. Resonating with the fans and giving them a piece of personalised content from the cast by simply sending a tweet proved to be huge! Trending and accounting for a large percentage of the overall traffic, we even sent users through to a site with exclusive trailers that sat next to their personalised content.

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Feel No Shame Share your secret to #feelnoshame this world aids day

Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale, wanted to raise Awareness on World Aids Day. Celebrities were asked to share a secret to inspire others to do so. Visual Voice created a hub that housed everyone’s secret with the hashtag #FeelNoShame. It became a very successful global news piece throughout the day. The real winner with this campaign was the ease of participation, which allowed the results to grow beyond anyone’s expectations.


Winners Everyday #argospop

Argos Pop has been a very consistent campaign to date. Resulting in the development of a process that has continued to gain incredible results for participating brands. It simply asked users to tweet #ArgosPOP to receive the new Argos ad. The end frame informed the user as to whether they had won. Simple but effective it performed so well, Argos decided to re-run the campaign a further three times. The number of users remained constant and actually increased  throughout the live campaign dates. A proven mechanic to encourage views of content.


What type of travelodgical are you?

Travelodge wanted more users to know them for their newly refurbished rooms, great locations, value and incredible comfort, we built a low barrier quiz to show just how far Travelodge had come in an engaging way where users could win instant breaks at their locations. We did this by asking users questions and giving them a personalised recommendation, with a result of both surprise and opportunity to book there and then. The growth of the social following speaks for itself. Another success story for the Visual Voice tool belt.

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Creating an engaging campaign for F1 fans on the run up to the first race of the season aiming to amplify the Sky hashtag as well as pushing Sky upgrade offer. This was then followed up by a F1 twitter quiz

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A simple drive to push the latest River Island ads and encourage their audience to view what the new season had in store. A target of 25% completion rate seemed a task compared to the norm, but the end result surprised us all, showing that the content was always worth watching, it had just been given to the wrong people at the wrong time. Great insight for both ourselves and River Island.

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With just one question and answer for the entire campaign, it really emphasised the importance of an integrated campaign with a familiar Brand Ambassador. Keith Lemon hosted the TV and digital adverts, twitter users were asked to use #SuperMega or RT the promoted post to get a response with the video question that they had to answer. In response they received a video from Keith Lemon letting the user know if they answered the question correctly. Winners were picked at the end of each day over a 7 day period. This campaign was a great success and produced phenomenal results.


Colour Invasion

A great case study that shows the power of Twitter being a low barrier mechanic. We asked users to tweet #ColourInvasion for their chance to win various handsets and a Harley Davidson. A.I.R delivered the advert for the audience to view. If watched until the end they would discover a question, and they were asked to tweet an answer. Giving consistent results for 14 days we saw repeat game play and incredible video statistics, proving the value of interaction when promoting a new Advert.


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To make Hondas futuristic bike the Vultus, the star of the show at Comic Con. VV created a Neo Tokyo Oculus Rift experience where your twitter information populated the billboards of Tokyo



The Argos campaign was a micro hub approach via low barrier links through Twitter A.I.R response and Facebook posts. During the World Cup the Argos Dads Academy game had outstanding results with minimal promoted spend, only 35% of the allocated media budget was needed for a successful campaign. Users navigated to the site via A.I.R from promoted spend and signed in via social to play the game.

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A travel campaign for Honda UK that asked their community to send in journey images meeting the criteria of the stamp they had to collect. They were rewarded automatically with a response sending them to their own personalised passport with all the images inside. The top 10 passports with the most stamps were asked to get votes for their passport to win a great prize. Community managed with our ground breaking Voice Deck dashboard with a one click campaign.

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The Adobe Summit was held in London during April 2015. Adobe aimed to increase public engagement on the previous years Social activity. Users were asked to tweet #AdobeSummit then sent a response with a link to a game. This newly developed and easy to use game connected Twitter and put the user in control of their avatar to collect Tweets and Adobe insights, resulting in a 50% increase on the previous years activity and global buy in from Adobe with the game travelling around the world.



Appealing to Hives target audience by building an intelligent shelter in a busy commuter area. Sending a simple tweet to the hashtag #TweetToHeat triggered heaters within the shelter using technology Visual Voice built and developed. The shelter achieved exponential reach in one week to around 44million due to positive PR and the happy warm commuters.

SKY BOX SETS #skystoretreats


SKY’s creativity is fantastic and this was no exception. Aiming to create awareness, Sky Store created film posters using sweets. They gave the opportunity to win prizes by matching a film to the advert that was created. This was a great example of a fun interactive game and how #SkyStoreTreats was born. In the game, a small section of the advert was revealed a section at a time, users had 5 attempts to guess the film. Engaged results were generated.




34 Vintage Tvs, 100 Metre throw, 3 Storey Building,1 Snazzy Drone And one massive TV Chucker. Win prizes! We found the users to throw the TVs, we took their details, we let them know when it was their turn, we streamed it, we hosted it, we we really happy!…That’s all we can say about that one.


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